Hi Jamie.

I have made some edits to the post based on your comments. Please let me know if you feel that the latest edit still misrepresents the situation as per your much-more-informed-than-mine opinion. I did try to make the point in the article that ‘framework would outlive your application’, but I have moved that point nearer the top and reiterated it for clarity.

I have also changed my line on the fact that stating a new project in framework is ‘Not a good idea’.

I sincerely hope that in writing this piece I have not caused you any problems. You’re podcast has been excellent so far. I did pick up on that one comment, and somewhat hastily type out this piece. If I’m being honest, I didn’t expect anyone to read it! If I’d envisaged so many eyeballs, I would have maybe used softer rhetoric. A lesson for me in interneting!

Thanks again for putting the work into the podcast — it’s been excellent so far.

Technical Lead and co-founder at Avalone Consultants. Angular, .NET, and blockchain developer.

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