Hi Amir, thanks for your comments!

I would have agreed with you this time last year, but having been working in this way full time for the last 12 months, I have had to change my opinions.

One thing that I feel like I should have made clear in the article. The team that I work in is fully remote, and so the pairing takes place over Zoom. Often, we have a dual screen share set up so that both engineers are looking at the code, and making changes. It is far far more 'interactive' than one person coding, and one person spectating.

I 100% agree that no one should be made to pair code. It is made clear upfront in the interview that this team is a pair-coding team, which does eliminate some people who do not like to work in that way.

Pair Engineering is a good term - I like that!

Technical Lead and co-founder at Avalone Consultants. Angular, .NET, and blockchain developer.

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